Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beauty With Tummy

        This is awesomely true! I didn't actually feel that I'm carrying another human being in me,not until the Reflection show was over! But it was pretty obvious and bulging too! Somehow I don't feel like I'm wearing something of a pregnant lady, but rather as someone who is so proud with her fatty tummy! Gosh! But you see, that's what Yasalma all about! It's simple - Yasalma's design is here to hide, but flaunting nonetheless! Anything from Yasalma can hide your inconsistency of confidence (ouch! how words can make minds go round and round) i.e. your unwanted-to-be-seen flesh and fats here and there! Sounds great, huh?


All right, here I am. Hardly move around with this magical tummy, yet this mind just can't stop tweaking ideas of new designs! Abundant of colours, fabrics and sewing techniques are sprawling in front of me now and I am thrilled to bits! Most of the time, what I have created so far were somehow reflecting of what I prefer to be on myself! Indeed, I like to play with false silhouettes that can hide, but cunningly flaunting the beauty that I've never known an outfit can do! Since what I have with me previously can't help to tuck in this tummy inward, so here I'm asking myself, what about a series of collection to spare beauty for the pregnant mothers out there? What say you, people? Is it a go or a big no-no? 

        Me as pregger

How  magical this dress can be!a head-turn,worn on a normal-sized model!

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  1. macam mane kite nak dapatkan buku OH,MUDAHNYA BUAT BAJU KURUNG?